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A lot of customers have asked us lately if we can make a round sign. So we were glad when the owner of nursery asked us to make a special sign for her greenhouse. In this custom carved round wood sign. We did the motif of a butterfly pollinating a flower. We have many 3D models to choose from so we should have no problem matching up a carving to your needs or the theme of your business. We can also do relief carving of any logo you might have or we can do custom artwork or relief modeling for your custom carved wood sign.

carved wood military insignia round sign

This is a custom carved round wood sign that can tastefully be used under most situations
Paint Colors and Custom Airbrush Work

Your new sign can be brightly airbrushed in many colors to match your color scheme or decor. We can provide a three D image of your proposed sign for your approval. We also use Sherwin Williams industrial enamels for our finishes so you can freely choose from Sherwin Williams color charts the colors you need for you custom wood sign. Also of note, We would like to emphasize that we can also use custom automotive enamels and base coat clear coat for your sign. We are also capable of spraying and using pearlescent paints, candies and flip flop custom paint systems.


Lettering with myriad fonts can be achieved either by vee carving or raised lettering.The vee carved or raised lettering can also be done in a radiused or circular form to correspond with the round shape of the sign or plaque. Lettering can be finished by standard paint or gold leaf. As far as fonts are concerned, we have thousands of fonts available to us. The best way to handle this is to look at various fonts and then we will match up a font to your choice. If you have trouble either with the basic design of your sign or in picking out a font we can also completely design your new sign and assist in your choice of fonts.

Available Wood and HDU

We have many species of hard wood available from which you can choose and if we do not have it there is a good chance we can get it. Some wood and lumber to think about would be : Mahogany Oak Walnut Pine and Fir and Cedar.
Different woods and lumber carry different prices due to supply and demand so call with your choice and we will quote a price.


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